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The Batman of Spring Hill with kids in their classroom

Meet Our Bruce Wayne
(aka Jack Asbury)

My Story

Jack Asbury III

My name is Jack and I am the Batman of Spring Hill! I make visits to children in hospitals, or homes who are ill, or just need a hero visit. 

I have been representing Batman since 2015. I had a story of mine go viral in 2019. A little girl who was being bullied had me walk her to class to help her no longer be scared to go to class. Since then I have had multiple news interviews, podcasts, & even an article in Time Magazine & the Washington Post. 

 I am a father of two little ones and work full time. All my extra funding goes towards this dream. I can't do it alone. So with your help I will be able to help more families who are going through the worst part of their lives. With your help, I can continue to make a difference. 

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The Batman of Spring Hill posing with his family
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The Batmobile

In Memory of Valentina Tomashosky

Batman of Spring Hill with new Slingblade for Batmobile

The Valentina Tomashosky foundation gifted me this incredible slingshot for me to use as my Batmobile!

Gene and Christina. I am overwhelmed with happiness and honestly thank you will never be enough. There are still people who stand by their word and do what they say they will. This is just unreal to me.

This slingshot will be used to visit children and to give that Batmobile feel and interaction.

For Valentina there will be a sunflower on the slingshot to honor her memory and to keep her spirit alive!

Thank you!

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Batman of Spring Hill with Parents of Valentina Tomashosky

The Bat Helmet

Sponsored by 509 Street

I am proud to welcome 509 Street to the Masked Miracles/The Batman of Spring Hill family.  They have chosen to sponsor me and have provided their Mach V helmet to keep me safe and protected as I ride in the Batmobile to our appearances an events.  I am truly grateful for their support.

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Bat Helmet
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